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Meeting in Pontedera

27-10-2018 16:49 - News
The International Meeting of the "European Step to Stop Cyberbullying" project ended today in the auditorium of the Piaggio Museum, a week in which students and teachers from Greece, Portugal, Turkey and Italy met together.

What can students do against cyberbullying? What can the family do? What can the institutions do? and school, how can it act? These are just some of the questions children have been thinking about during the week, putting forward proposals that were shared during the meeting.

A space for listening, a re-education path for bullies, training activities for teachers, a specific Institute blog, a team of students ... these are just some of the projects developed by the students. Now these proposals will be shared among all the schools involved and will be proposed to the Institutions

The Municipal Councilor Mattia Belli congratulated the young people for their work and for the concreteness of the proposals put forward, pledging to promote them to the Institutions.

The School Director, Prof. Lucia Orsini, thanked the commitment of all the teachers and all the students and closed the meeting by giving everyone the appointment in May in Greece at the school of Kavala where the projects can be compared made in individual countries.

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